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New Year traveling of HuiDong
Issue time:2009.01.14 Resource:Teleepoch Ltd View times:


   2008 TeleEpoch has gained great achievements through striving for hard working. We organized HuiDong 2 days trip not only for new years pray but also for rewarding our studious colleagues。
   During the party at night, Doctor Zhou confirmed all of our last working through his inspiring oration, commended excellent staffs of 2008; on the platform, we showed our performs, games spontaneity; at the same time, we had BBQ, laugh, songs, dances, firework, all of those completely melt the chill of sea breeze. The night, ocean wave played music, moon charted melody for us, everybody enjoyed….
   The next day, we had hot spring, when we still in the good memories of hot spring, fishing launch out brought us fancy exciting.
   This trip not only brought us the platform of showing ability, but also offered the chance to have the thinking, emotion communication. We striving for hard time, sharing our achievements, 2009 will be even much more brilliant future.